About Mutai Kelvin

BS.c Actuarial Science by training with industry knowledge in Financial Security and Risk Management . I have a keen interest on InsurTech as it remains a robust sub-sector of Fintech capturing solid investment as we seek to digitize all aspects of the insurance industry and forms the basis of my research.

System Admin and IT Infrastructure support specialist certified by Google with knowledge in maintaining reliable computer systems, cloud infrastructure, managing and configuring servers and how to use industry tools in an organization’s IT Infrastructure.

I also have a keen interest on Data Science. Currently, the amount of data in the digital universe doubles every year. Technology is exploding and the digital data is changing every business and organization. Think about how much data you have at your fingertip right now, including the 500 million tweets people send every single day. Data and analytics forms the basis of decisions taken by an organization. 

I also believe it is up to us to take the mantle and shape the public policy to reflect our values and change our society. With Integrity, strength and vision, we must fight to protect the interests of our societies.




"Strong, Confident & Passionate! I believe it's up to us to shape the public policy to reflect our values. With integrity, strength, and vision, we will fight to protect the interests of all residents and their families in Cherangany Constituency."



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